Starting Over at 50 Part 2

JohnWilleteAlright it’s catch up time!!!
So here is what I have done so far since I was
Laid off from my job of 20 years.

For about 3 days I was all up in my head.
You know the normal things:

• What will I do?
• How will we live?
• How will I pay the mortgage?
• How will we eat?
• ect. ect. ect.

Then the conversation turned.
It was now much more productive.
I asked myself questions like:

• How can I prevent this from ever happening again?
• What skills do I have that I can use as resources to get through this?
• What resources do I have.
• What do I really see myself doing?

Just this change of thought was important.
I went from a victim to a person of resources that can
Overcome any situation I may be in.
This wasa very empowering. I recommend everyone run
Similar empowering questions through your mind.

I thought through my list of skills and my list of resources.
tomorrow I will share that with you and what I decided from there.

Think about your current situation.
If something were to go wrong, what skills and resources do you have
That you can use to overcome your situation. Please share.

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