Starting Over at 50 Part 3

JohnWilleteI made a list of my skills.
I believe if all of you actually do this you will find it to be quite
extensive. Just think of everything You’ve done good to well in 
your life and list them out.

Now it was time to see how to use them.
How can I use my skills to keep me from working for someone else?
It now dawned on me that I paid for my coach training for a reason.
I practiced and honed this skill because I wanted something to fall
back on in case of what I knew was inevitable, the “JOB” may not
always be there.

I guess you can say I planned a little.
I did, but not enough. I certainly wasn’t ready financially for it.
I then looked at my resources. I took my severance, sold my
stock in that company, (why invest in them right?), and I’m cashing
out my retirement.

This seems like a lot.
In the grand scheme of things though after taxes and penalties,
“not so much”. It will be enough to pay the bills for a few months
So I’m grateful for that.

So the decision I made is to start a coaching practice.
Easier said than done. I will go through my next steps in my next
post but for now I want you to take a look at your list of skills and
resources and ask the right questions:

• If I were to lose my Job or business tomorrow which of these
Skills is going to be best to fall back on?
• What resources will help support me until I get there?
• How long will those resources last?

I was ready mentally. I certainly wasn’t financially. Don’t fall in this
trap. Believe it is inevitable and prepare fully for it.

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