Starting Over at 50 Part 4

JohnWilleteThe decision is made!!! (For Now 🙂 )
I’m going to open a coaching practice!!!
Why? Because I enjoy helping people and I have already invested a good sum of
money and time into all the training I’ve received. I’ve already been working with people and have had some really satisfying results.

Now time to think.
What is needed to start a (successful) practice?
I list it out:

• Business license
• Have to pick the right entity type
• A good Name
• Some form of advertising
• Let’s see…what was that other thing? Oh yea clients. I will need clients

Ok I have a list to start with.
It will probably change just as fast as I change my mind.
I’m sure I’m missing some things and for that I’ll figure it out as I go along.

Did you get that????
I’ll figure it out as I go along.
This is the part where most people hold their arms above their heads and give up.

No! No! No! Don’t do it!
This is where it counts.
This separates the strong from the weak.

You have to believe that you are resourceful.
You need to believe that you can get past any roadblocks.
You need to understand that you have the resources to “Figure it out as you go along”.

In my next post I’ll start to break down what I’ve done for each item in the list.
Until then decide what you want to do when you “leave your business or job” be it
on your own or with a little bean counter help. Remember to base it off your skills
and resources. Then list what you will need to get it running. Share with us all.

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