Starting Over at 50 Part 5

JohnWilleteHere it is again.
The list I generated to focus on starting the business.

• Business license
• Have to pick the right entity type
• A good Name
• Some form of advertising
• Let’s see…what was that other thing? Oh yea clients.
I will need clients.

Do you have OCD?
If you do I apologize in advance.
I am not necessarily going to cover these in order. In fact I didn’t work on these in this order either.

The first thing is advertising.
A coaching practice doesn’t flourish overnight.
It takes a long time to build up a coaching practice.

This is a problem.
I only have a limited amount of financial resources.
The question is how can I build a client base quickly?

I went through my list of resources.
A year ago I was interested in affiliate marketing.
I had spent $1500.00 on a lifetime membership to course material and access to email and web resources. Unfortunately my time was limited because of my job so I never followed up. That was a bad decision and I implore you to come up with some kind of side business. Don’t be caught without a backup already in place like I did.

I thought about this.
If I could utilize these methods I could build a list of
people who would already know and trust me.

I could market my services to them.
This would satisfy two things:
My limited budget, and my limited time to get clients.

Well at least that is the thought process.
I’m currently working on some other ways now too.
This was the original plan and I’ll continue to work it.

What will be the first thing you work on?
What resources and skills will you apply to it?
Share your thoughts with us.

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