Starting Over at 50 Part 6

JohnWilleteNow I had to think.
I need a name for my practice.
You would think this would be easy right?

It was far from it.
At least for me. There were some things to
consider first. It took me the better part of
four days with a weekend in the middle.

I had help.
I had some friends look at them.
But ultimately it was on me. It had to be a
name that I could be happy with.

Village Wisdom Coaching LLC.
That is the name I went with.
I did this because I strongly believe that all
achievements involve many people not just
yourself and I wanted the name to reflect

I had to check that no one else was using it.
I used google as one of my resources for that
as well as a Florida business search.

I Checked for a domain name.
It was available. Woo Hoo!
Oh wait the hosting and domain for my blog
Is going to be $300.00. 😦

I have limited resources.
That will need to go on PayPal credit.
The good news now is that since it’s a business
expense it’s a write off on taxes. Phew!

If you plan on starting a business one of things
you will need to do is get a name for it. Take time
with this process and use all the resources
available to you for research. Including your friends 🙂

Stay tuned for my new blog where I will move all of
these articles.

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