Starting Over at 50

JohnWilleteI was recently laid off from a fortune 100 company. I’d been with them for 20 years. I was employed as a technical instructor. While I was there I put myself through coaching training with Mentor Coach. I used these skills with employees of the company. Most of my work was with transition. I’ve also worked with military vets transitioning to civilian life.

Now at 50 years old it’s my turn. I’m going to put everything I learned and all my skills into action to overcome this setback. I am not bitter for my situation. I actually saw it coming but never prepared myself physically for it. These will be things I will discuss in the future. I’m going to take you on my journey as I transform my life.

I have one major criteria for my life right now and that is I won’t work for anyone else again. This is the only promise I’m making to myself.

I’d like for this group to have many people stating their goals and helping each other to achieve them. My goal is to help 1000 people reach their goal.

My next post I will catch you up on what I’ve done so far since I have been let go. Once we are caught up I’ll continue to take you along with me on my Journey and my hopes are you will share yours.

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