Avoid the Emergency!

JohnWilleteI Just got done talking to a friend of mine on the phone.

She lives outside of Houston and is currently getting extreme rainfall

amounts from hurricane Harvey. The whole area is flooding. She said she

has already had 3 friends lose their homes to the storm. I told her she

needs to get out of there and head north. She said she couldn’t because

all the roads north are flooded and the rivers are spilling over. She has to

ride it out and hope for the best.

This is a very intelligent woman. She has all the prepping gear you can think

of; water, food, backup power, a bug out bag, self-protection, ect. What she

didn’t do was “LEAVE” when she could.

Prepping for emergencies is great and probably one of the smartest things you

can do but another is to avoid the emergency all together. Think about it,

what’s the worst thing that could happen if you leave? You come home and

your house is washed away? Guess what? It still would have washed away if

you were there only with you in it. Now I’m very worried for her and other

friends I have in that area.

Now that I think about this harder and what could I learn from this other

than leave when you know a storm is coming which I should do, but in a

way I’ve done the same thing with my own life and need to do anything

possible to avoid it in the future.

What I’m speaking of was with my job. I knew the storm was eventually

coming seeing others get picked off one by one over the years By the

downsizing tornadoes.

Perhaps it was cognitive dissidence. I always would tell myself as long

as I keep my head down and perform exceptionally it will never be me.

Well this time the storm took me with it.

What could I have done? Well if I would have stopped listening to myself

I could have already been working on another form of income. Some

kind of side business. The interesting thing is I was working in that

direction. I invested in coach training and used it within the company.

I invested in marketing training, and did not use it at all.

I could have already been started and had that lifeboat ready to go

instead of being swiped down river in a sinking house. I could have had

amassed the prep gear, in this case financial resources to get through

the storm. Most importantly I could have avoided the emergency all

together if that side hustle was good enough to live on and I could

have turned the shit storm on them.

The point of all this is don’t believe it when you tell yourself you are

safe in your job. Not even CEOs are safe in their jobs. You should be

doing something on the side with the end goal of “Avoiding the Emergency”.


I’m praying for the safety of the people in Texas.

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