Don’t Talk to Me That Way!


I was at the coffee shop doing some work on my business and an

older gentlemen, I believe he said 67 who I’ve talked with before

said to me that he respected my ability to keep working the way I do

and that he is jealous of my computer skills. He then proceeded to say

that he has no skills and he’s so old he couldn’t do anything anymore.

I said I’m going to prove you wrong right now. I quickly went back

through my YouTube history and found a video I watched:


In this video there is a man in his late 70’s on making money

doing videos for people. Of course my coffee shop friend came back and

said, “Well that guy has a skill to share. I’m old and I don’t have any skills”.


I then looked at him and said, “You’re right you have no skills and in fact

you are useless!” He looked at me in shock and I’m sure you are a little

shocked too. John why would you say that to someone? Just stay with me

here I know it sounds bad.


I said to him, “judging by the look on your face you didn’t like me saying

that to you did you?” He said, “No I didn’t at all.” I asked him, “Then why do

you speak to yourself that way? Would you talk that way to a friend?”

He said, “No he probably wouldn’t.”  I said, “Then stop talking to yourself

that way.”


We then briefly talked about things he could do if he wanted. I said, “You read

a lot. You could write reviews and monetize them.” He said, “Yes he’s seen people

do that.” I said, “You are always riding your electric scooter around town. You

could write about riding scooters.” Then his mind started coming to life. He

Said, “I can wear an advertisement sign whenever I ride.” I said, “Now you are

getting it.”


Before he left since he knows what I do he said, “Thank you for opening my

eyes a bit. You can bill me for it.” “My pleasure. No charge sir!”

2 thoughts on “Don’t Talk to Me That Way!

  1. Rebecca Baker McKenzie

    You’re right. The things we say to ourselves stay with us. Just as if someone had said them to us. Be kind to yourself, brag about you, to yourself.


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