Epic Fail!


Yesterday when I picked up my 10 year old son I told him what had

happened during the day for me. He said, “Dad that was an epic fail!”  😦


Unfortunately he was right. It was an epic fail. I was scheduled to give my

first interview for the Village Wisdom Coaching Mastermind Group. I’m

interviewing people who have achieved a recent goal. The person I was

interviewing was a friend who had just wrote a book.


We were using Skype and I wanted to record both video and audio.

About two days before I scoured the web in search of a recording software

that would meet my needs. I wanted to be able to record us in spit screen

side by side. I knew this could be done because I have seen many YouTubers

do it before.


Well I tried several which did not work. They advertised they would do it

but my tests were not working out. I was to the point where I was just

going to do audio only. That’s not what I really wanted.


Wednesday morning, the day of the interview came faster than I imagined.

I was still determined to find a software that would work. I didn’t have much

time but I planned on trying that morning anyways.


Well did you ever notice that sometimes life will throw a little adversity

your way at the most inopportune times? That morning I woke my son

up for school he went in the bathroom and turned on the tub water to

take a shower. He went back into his room and fell asleep. The tub

overflowed and flooded not only his bathroom but mine too on the other

side of the wall. Yes there were some angry words spoken.


I took him to school, without a shower, and dropped him off. I had a big

mess to clean up so I decided to skip the gym and get home to it so I

could continue to look for a recording software. It took 2 hours to clean

It the best I could. I now only had an hour and a half to search for



About 30 minutes in I tested a software I found and “Woo Hoo, it Works!”

are the exact words out of my mouth. That left me some time to go over

my notes and questions.


We did the interview and I started the recorder. The interview lasted 45

minutes and it was awesome. We said our goodbyes. I went to the

recording and……”Holy Shit!!! No! No! No!” It had only recorded 5

minutes because I hadn’t licensed it.


I’m not going to go into the fact that the software gave no such warning.

It didn’t. After kicking myself for a while and contacting my friend who

is so nice she agreed to do it again next week, I had to look for the

lesson here. There is always a lesson. These are what I came up with:


  • I should have Started at least a week earlier
  • I should have been talking to people first
  • I should have not used the software without a thorough test first
  • I should have rescheduled it for a later date that morning since I

was not going to be in the right frame of mind the rest of the day

after the (Bathroom Disaster)


I’ll take it a step further and say the most important one of these was

not talking to other people first. My Village Wisdom Coaching is based

on getting the help of others to achieve your goals and I lost sight of this.

I behaved like a cowboy and insisted on doing it all on my own.


I’m not giving up on this but I will tackle it a little smarter in the future.

I’ve put out some messages to known YouTubers that I have seen do this

before and asking them all the right questions about the software they

are using or any special hardware needed. I’m also reading forums on the

subject. I’m doing the work but obtaining the knowledge from those who

have already been down the path. I hope this article will help you prevent

an epic fail.

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