No Limits on Goal Getters


I was listening to a podcast of Dr. Jordan Peterson who is a bit

controversial of late but aside from that he was talking about the

difference between omnipotence and beings. He stated the main difference

is beings have limitation where God has none. Whether or not you believe in

a deity or not it is true we have limitations. I would go as far as to say there

are two types, external and internal.


I thought about how this relates to us “Goal Getters”. For us limitations  are

something we work within or in some cases we stretch. What do I mean by this?

Well an example of an external limitation would be a being can’t fly. An example of

stretching that limitation would be the Wright brothers inventing the airplane.

These are people who have taken a known limitation of beings can’t fly and said

we are going to find a way that they can. In order to achieve this they worked within

the limitations of physics and aerodynamics.


The other limitations are the ones we put on ourselves or internal limitations. For

example I go to the gym every day in the morning when it’s open and I do 30

minutes of cardio. Now to even me this seems lame but this is the amount of time

I am willing to take out of my day to do it. Could I do more? Absolutely but I’ve

imposed this limitation on myself. On the other hand I’ve set the goal to show up

there every day I am able no matter what the circumstances.


That is an example of a minor internal limitation. Let’s look at a more extreme one.

I have a friend who I talk to every once in a while who is homeless.

Funny enough after I go to the gym. Yesterday I stopped by the parking lot to see

how he was doing since we just had hurricane Irma run through here. Thankfully he

was ok. He had stayed at friend’s house.


You may or may not disagree with me on this but I feel being homeless is an

internal limitation. I always can recognize these when I hear the phrase, “I Can’t”.

You have heard them before or maybe can recognize you have used them,

“I can’t find a job”. “I can’t physically do it”. “I can’t because I’m an alcoholic.”

The last being this man’s can’t cry which again in of itself is another internal

limitation.  These are limitations that are imposed on one’s self.


It’s more than obvious if you want to get a job and earn money you can. My

belief on this will never be changed. You can try if you want to but you would be

wasting your breathe. On the other hand though becoming homeless may be the

result of an external limitation such as losing a job but remaining homeless is

A limitation you have put on yourself.


I call these limitations that we are under our playground. The playground is the

boundaries we stay within to play out our lives. Every time we exceed a limitation

either internal or external our playground gets larger. The larger our playground

gets the more space and freedom we have to play.


The great thing about beings is that even though we may recognize limitations

we have the ability to either thwart that limitation or in the case of internal ones

we have both the power of choice and will to get past it. The most exciting thing

is that in reality we don’t know what our limitations really are so for us Goal Getters

this means we have no limits on the size of our playground so let’s continue to

Play hard!

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