A Moment of Weakness

It happened. I knew it would come. As I’ve mentioned before I’ve made a promise to myself that I will not ever work for someone else again. My thought was that I had set myself up for success. I was wrong and I had a moment of weakness.

I’ll talk about what that was later but It made me give some thought as to what causes our weaknesses when we are trying to achieve our goals. I dissected my current weakness and have determined that in most cases it’s not just one factor. If it were only one any of us with any reasonable amount of will power could stave it off and keep moving forward.

First I’ll give an example of setting yourself up for success and then I’ll show ways that it could be eroded. One thing I’ve set as a goal is to go to the gym every day. Here is how I set myself up for success. If you noticed I said my goal is to go to the gym every day, not that I would actually work out every day. Does that sound ridiculous? Well obviously the purpose is to work out but by making the goal to show up it brings me closer to the purpose. By showing up I can take the further step of going in and working out. Yes I actually do.

What factors could lead to the erosion of this goal? Well for those of you that go to the gym as often as you can probably know most of them. You may have a schedule change that throws your scheduled gym time off. You may need to travel. The gym may close on holidays. You may get sick. The list could go on. In many of these cases if just one of them arise you can come up with a plan to get around it, but if two or more of these occurrences take place then it’s a big problem.

I have thus far been lucky with this goal. Since the goal is just to go to the gym then on holidays and more recently hurricane Irma I was able to just show up there. Goal achieved but not necessarily the purpose. I’ve had schedule changes or meetings to attend. I then make a point to go at night. No matter what I have gone. But I do imagine if I had two or more factors hit then I would probably have that moment of weakness and not show up. It is a good idea to set yourself up for success of achieving the goal before you implement it. Think of what could keep you from achieving it and structure the goal so that you have the best chance to succeed.

So what was my moment of weakness? Remember my goal is to not work for anyone else again. So let’s look at how I set myself up to succeed first. I started a business. I obtained a license, I started this blog, I started a FB group, I’ve made financial investments into it, I’ve paid into advertising, I’ve put time into promoting, and there is probably a lot more of which I can’t recall right now. I’ve also continued to keep a daily routine as if I was still at work. I get up every morning at 5:30 AM, I take my son to school, I go to the gym, I eat breakfast and then shower. I then sit down to work on the business. All this is done to keep me busy for one thing and to further distance myself from the need of a job.

Then the weakness came over me. I called someone about a job. What were the factors that lead to it? Well the first would be watching my bank account dwindle. This smacked me when I was paying bills. Now if it were just that I may have been able to stay strong. I would have just told myself that I have some money coming to me in October. But of course it wasn’t just that. I had just spent a lot of money preparing for the hurricane on supplies such as food and fuel, so that was on my mind. I was thinking about health insurance for my son and I. The one I got wasn’t quite up to par so I will need something more expensive. I’ve been getting dismayed by my lack of results. I’m concerning myself now with the cost of repairs after Irma. The list could go on and on. There has been so much in my head lately I wonder where I am in there.

Then the final blow, a friend mentioned a job opportunity in my area. I called today and the position had been filled thank God. It was for a computer support job which I probably would not have taken. Been there, done that, no thank you. The problem now is I’m a little upset with myself for even making the phone call.

I know it’s going to be hard. I know for many of you achieving your goals has more than just challenges but many factors that come into play all at once. I thought I planned for most of it but I didn’t plan for the onslaught that was in my head.

Going forward I’m going to be open to all possibilities. Goals are great but reality can creep in. I know we are told there is never any goal to great. That may be true but we have to also recognize that we will have moments of weakness and there may be some lesson to learn from them. After all don’t we grow stronger from our failures and recognizing our weakness?

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