You’re Giving Away Your Power

VillageWisdomCoachingI’m not apologizing but in order to make a personal growth point I am going to touch a bit on the current political environment. (Trigger Alert!) I am rating this blog NS – No Snowflakes. The title is the point. You’re giving away your power. Curious? No one would just give away their power right? Wrong! many of you are.

Just as an example I’m going to dive into politics. Obviously if you read the news, watched the news, or even glanced at the Emmy’s, you are aware of the current onslaught of our president. It was recently rated that President Trump received as much as 93% negative attention in the media. Wow!

Here is the part you don’t get. Every night / morning before he actually goes to bed, I understand he sleeps very little, he is just saying thank you. Why? because you have made him the most powerful man in the world. Not because he is the President of the United States but because you are giving him your power.

When you spend all your energy thinking about, dwelling about, or obsessing about someone other than yourself you have effectively given up your power or energy to that person. You are saying, “You are more powerful than me and it will take all my power to try to knock you down”. How is that working out for you? He just gets stronger and stronger. It must be very frustrating for you.

I think back when Obama was president I might have thought about him maybe once a month whenever he was trying to circumvent the Constitution in some fashion. Now I could have stood there and called him all kinds of things and perhaps I might have a bit. But what I would do every time is email my state representatives, tell them my feelings, and that if they went the way of the POTUS I would remember that come election time. That’s what they are for. To represent you and if they don’t then next time around don’t give them your vote. Once the email was sent I’ve done my part. I’ve made my protest. I can now go on with my life. I would not have to give him another ounce of my energy.

How does this relate to personal growth? There are people in our lives that we give more of our power to than we do ourselves. We need to recognize this. We freely give them the majority of our thoughts. We give them our time. We expend our  energy on them. This makes them more powerful than us.

My son’s mom is an alcoholic. She has caused many problems for my son and I. I was drained of my power. All my focus, all my thoughts, all my energy went into dealing with her and her problem. There was nothing left for me.

When I finally started thinking about myself and my well being I turned things around. I was no longer giving her any of my power, much to her dismay. It was a freeing experience. I recommend to anyone who recognizes they are giving their power away to cut it off. It will be the best thing you ever do for yourself.

Now for any of those that want to spend your time calling me any of the “-ists” or “-phobes” right now, I’ll say thank you in advance. I didn’t know I was that important to you.




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