What Your Children Want

The other day while driving my 10 year old son to school I asked him a hypothetical question. I asked him, “If you had a choice of what to learn in school right now, what would you want to learn”? His answer was quick an concise and when I heard it I was so shocked I nearly ran a red light. He said, “I would want to learn to read and write an ancient language”.

Wow! My jaw dropped. Of all the things I could possibly think he would want to learn like how to create video games or making YouTube videos, I would have never come up with this.

After I dropped him off I thought about it more. You know in today’s day and age there is easily obtainable information on just about anything you can think of. Today if we want information on a subject or to actually learn about anything it is right there at our fingertips. We no longer have to buy books or go to libraries and hope they have what we need. The only requirement is the time to do it and the will to follow through.

When I got home I immediately wen to my laptop and did an ancient language search. There is a plethora of information on it from all over the world. I then provided my son all the search terms to use after I got him home. It’s up to him now if he wants to take action on it.

I am amazed that the opportunities are there for us to learn whatever we want for little or no cost, when we want! This is not something we could do twenty years ago. We would either need to spend hours in a library or spend tens of thousands on schooling. We almost just take it for granted. Whenever we need information we just Google it.

Which brings me to my next thought. With all these advances we have wouldn’t it be nice for these kids to choose what they want to learn and maybe the school give them an hour a day or a class period for them to work on it? I’m not saying that the basics aren’t important so they should continue this but also give them a reason to want to be there. Something to look forward to besides recess and lunch?

These were just my thoughts and not necessarily a self development blog post although it could be related. My call to action for you right now is to ask your children the same question, “If you had a choice of what to learn in school right now, what would you want to learn”? Please comment with your child’s answer. I think we’ll find it very interesting.

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