7 Steps to Punk the Funk

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Ok John you grabbed me with this title but what the hell is Punk the Funk? Let me break it down for you. Punk comes from the T.V. show Punk’d in which Ashton Kutcher would set up pranks on famous people. Funk is the term I use for depression. I don’t like to use that word because…well it’s depressing. I think saying, “I’m depressed”, puts you in a worse state than if you say, “I’m in a bit of a funk”.

When you are in a funk it is because you have been punk’d into it. It’s normally set off by a trigger and you may not have recognized it. The steps below are how I turn it around and punk the funk. This is a pharmaceutical free zone for those who believe the only way out of depression is with a diagnosis and a pill.

Step 1: Recognize You’ve Been Funk’d

Ashton Kutcher was not able punk everyone. They would recognize they were being punk’d and call him out on it. Some are more gullible than others. This is true to falling victim to the funk. I got funk’d up 2 and a half weeks ago. It took me about a week and a half to realize it. The symptoms of being funk’d up are, loss of focus, distracted easily, irritable, withdrawn, feeling hopeless, feeling of failure, believing there is little for you in the future, and the list goes on. They are the symptoms of that other word that shall not be spoken.

In an instant you can be funk’d up. It seems to come out of nowhere. Just one day I lost all my mojo and started the spiraling descent into the deep dark funk. Obviously having lived 50 years it wasn’t my first rodeo. It’s just the most recent one so it’s fresh in my mind to share with you.

The easiest way to recognize this is happening to you is other people will start to question you. I know you know what I’m talking about. When one friend or relative asks, “Are you ok”? of course you say, “Ya sure why”? and they will say, “You just seem a little off today”. This could easily be brushed off except another person asks the same thing. Then another, and then another. “Oh my god it’s a conspiracy!”. Don’t you find that annoying as all hell? It is but it’s not them it’s you. You’re funk’d! Wake up and snap out of it!

Step 2: Make peace With It

After Ashton Kutcher punk’d someone they would always laugh it off, shake hands, or give a big hug to each other. You should do the same after you get funk’d. You should say to yourself, “Ah you got me this time, but life goes on and I’m human so I’ll get passed this”. “I’m going to do what I need to do to recover!”. No seriously say this to yourself. This works!

Step 3: Emulate Yourself

I’m sorry I have no punk’d analogies for this one. This is important. Why try to be someone else when you can be your wonderful, dynamic, amazing self? I mean this literally. Think back to a time when everything was right for you. Your life was running like a fine tuned machine. Everything you did worked out like you wanted and you received the results you desired. You were happy all the time and instead of the nagging questions people would say positive things to you like great job, you’re looking good, or I wish I had your energy. Then ask yourself what were the things you were doing then? Were you exercising regularly? Eating healthy? Going to bed early? Reading? interacting with friends more often or less? Part of a group? Getting up earlier or later? Again I can’t stress enough how important this part is. For my most recent funk I realized I was talking to friends less and reading almost no non-fiction like I had when things were really good for me.

Once you know what it was you did when you were awesome that you are no longer doing now, I bet you can finish this sentence, start doing it again!!! Even if you have to make changes in schedules or lifestyle do it. There was a reason everything was going right for you. Get back to it.

Step 4: Totally Eliminate the Distractions

The reason the show Punk’d worked out so well is because people are so distracted that they don’t realize what is going on around them. It’s very easy to pull pranks on people. Well you’ve been funk’d and this is a very precarious time for you. This is your life and you need to get back on track. Do not be distracted by the noise of technology and do not allow the negative to pull you away from your recovery.

The noise of technology being T.V., social media, cell phones, and all the other gadgets that beg us to give them attention like a 2-year-old pulling on your pant leg. I could really go into great detail on all of this but you know deep down that this is a problem. In fact this should not only be part of your recovery but be part of your life. For those of you who can remember what it was like without, go back to it.

The negative would be people or situations that just suck the energy right out of you. You are trying to recover right now and the negative will never let you climb out of it. It will stand there stepping on your fingers and shoveling the dirt on top of you. Set your boundaries and stick to them without wavering.

In my last bout I’ve just limited my social media use because I do need it for my business. I pretty much never watch T.V. so that hasn’t changed and have chosen to pretty much ignore a very negative person in my life. I’ve also gone back to what you will see in the next step. I had stopped for the longest time and I don’t even know why.

Step 5: Immerse in the Positive

If you have not ever done it start reading, viewing, listening, or attending anything having to do with personal development. If you think people will think you are weak or weird then do it in private, but do it! You will gain great insights about yourself and how your brain interprets things. You will also be inspired to know there is more for you and be motivated to take action to grab it.

My favorites are Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, and Tim Ferris. You can find them all over the internet and I’ve provided links to some of their work below the article but there is so much more. Just seek it out and it will change things for you quickly. You can also read and work with yours truly 🙂

Step 6: Consciously Change Your Physiology

When someone is punk’d they have a common physiology which is recognizable. They first have a dumbfounded blank look on their face. They look around in all directions as if trying to gain awareness of who or what is around them. They then realize what is happening and throw their head back, put their hands on their face in some form and exclaim, “Oh my God!” Well this is true if you’ve been funk’d. When you have been funk’d you keep you head down, you talk low, breathe shallow, walk sluggish, keep your frame crunched up, and don’t pay attention to what is going on around you. There are other signs but this gives you a good idea.

Tony Robbins who relies heavily on Neuro Associative Conditioning (NAC), (Yes real science), uses it to get people to change their states by changing their physiology. Your body reacts to the physiology you are currently using. In other words if I curl up in a ball to protect myself from the world I will feel like crap because of it.

Not easy to do but you have to consciously change your physiology and your feelings will follow. First try smiling no matter what you’re doing. Just try to be sad when you’re smiling. Even if it is a fake smile. Stand up tall, use good posture, walk with pride, breathe deeply. By doing this you change your state. Believe me it’s amazing the difference it makes.

Step 7: Get to the Root of it

If you were the lucky celebrity to be punk’d by Ashton Kutcher you are going to want to know afterwards how he was able to do it. You will want to know who helped? Where were the cameras? How long were they planning this? You would probably want to know a lot more but I think you get it.

After you have been funk’d, the dust is settling, and you are back on track you should want to figure out what caused it simply so you can keep it from happening again. It could be anything that triggered this funk in you. It could be something you did. It could be something someone else did. It could be something someone said. It could be a change in the weather / season. It could be just about anything. It won’t be easy to track it down unless it was something blatantly obvious like some form of loss or tragedy.

Here is an example of how insignificant of trigger it may be. I traced back to when I got funk’d. It turns out the cause was a break in my routine. Because a family member was using my car in the morning I was not able to go to the gym first thing. I would go in the evening but it was enough to throw me off and have some resentment build up in me regarding the person who was using my car. That’s it. That’s all it took for me to get funk’d.  Once I’ve recognized this I need to make an effort to make sure my routines do not get messed with.

Once you have gone through these steps you can now say, “Funk you’ve been Punk’d”.

Comment and let me know how you punk the funk or just let me know your thoughts.

Break Through Your BS: Uncover Your Brain's Blind Spots and Unleash Your Inner Greatness by [Doepker, Derek]

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