Your Purpose

If you follow the self development industry you have heard it all before ad nauseam. You need to find your purpose and build your business around it. Some have gone as far as to say if you don’t you won’t be happy. This is the only part of the industry that I take issue with.

Every time I hear this it makes me cringe.  It makes me feel isolated. It makes me feel like everyone else in the world knows or can easily find out what their purpose is even though I know this is not true. In fact I will boldly say that most do not or can not.

We are force fed this notion that everyone has one. That we all have this feeling that we were meant for something better. I find these words to create a tension in my mind and body. It has lead me to a paralysis in self growth. I would sit for days thinking I couldn’t take any actions until I knew what my purpose was. I still to this day have those feelings creep up on me. It makes me question every day the directions I have taken or will make.

Does this sound or feel familiar to you? Here is my thinking on how to deal with this now. After spending years of frustration trying to figure out what my purpose is and much lost productivity along the way I decided to just say, “Screw it!” Ok I actually said something else but this is a family friendly post.

“Screw it!” I don’t need to know my purpose. In fact I may not even have one. My purpose may have been to have children that may grow up to save the world in which case I’ve completed my mission. Do you get that? Not everyone has a grandiose purpose. Do not get hung up on the exhausting search for it. It would be amazing if we all have a divine inspiration to lead us down a preset path of riches and bliss, but we all know that’s not going to happen even though the industry has programmed us to believe just that.

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After agonizing over this I decided to take a productive approach to everything.

  1. Go with the idea you have even if it is not your passion: If you really want to believe in divine intervention then the idea you have was probably sent to you that way.
  2. Make it a priority to be the best at it you can possibly be: Once you go with that idea put your energy behind it. Take action. Take more action. Continue to take action.
  3. Continue to educate yourself on all aspects of what you do: Never stop learning about your chosen field. Everything you take in will pay off in many ways.
  4. Familiarize yourself with leaders in the industry you have chosen: Knowing who they are and what they do will provide you with direction for your own path.
  5. Learn from those leaders: Always learn from the people that have done what you want to do. It is a way of getting mentoring without actually having a mentor. They are public. Find out as much as you can from them.
  6. Make efforts to meet and create relationships with people in your industry: This is a great way to better understand the markets and have someone like minded to bounce ideas off of. It provides you a mastermind mind group to accelerate achieving your goals.
  7. Do not question if it is your passion but do question if you are going about it the right way: Again that search for your passion can be debilitating but never be afraid to change direction in your field if something you are doing is not working.
  8. Be open to opportunities: By doing the previous steps different opportunities are going to present themselves to you. Treat them as gifts or that divine message you are looking for. They may take you in a path that leads to the riches and bliss you have been seeking.

I hope these words provide relief to those that have been incapacitated by the belief that they need to find their purpose and follow it. I’d be interested in your thoughts on this so comment and be heard.


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